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When Home Equity Loans Aren’t Right For The Job

Historically, home improvement projects have been financed through the use of credit cards and home equity loans – but they’re not always the best option for every situation.

Tacking a home equity loan onto your existing mortgage, or adding it as new debt, can require mortgage-sized fees and inspections.

Home equity loans are often not time or cost efficient, especially in the short run. This also holds true for a Home Equity Line of Credit. If you intend on using the credit solely for renovation purposes, closing costs and fees can greatly increase your expenses. Additionally, the loan is backed with your home as collateral. In a situation where financial difficulty arises, the bank has claims over ownership of your home.

Using credit card debt to fund your home renovation, or even small parts of the project, can create long lasting problems for your financial future. Financing through credit can result in overspending and unneccesary years of interest payments. Carefully considering the extent of your project and applying for a home improvement loan prevents spending outside of your budget. Payments are fixed and automated with a set interest rate, giving you peace of mind throughout the period of your loan.A simple home improvement loan is quick and easily attainable when working with a Canadian online lender, such as LendingArch. Our innovative approach to lending has provided our members with the funds they need to take care of much needed home repairs, or enhance their living space with long overdue home renovations.

Remodeling your kitchen or bathroom

Adding new furniture or appliances

A new outdoor deck or garden

Various home repairs

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