Compare Debt Consolidation Loan for Good and Bad Credit

Consolidate Debt. Pay Monthly.

Stop Making Multiple Payments, Consolidate Debt Sooner and Improve Your Credit Score

Why use a debt consolidation loan? There are plenty of reasons but the biggest is lowering your interest rate and taking control – you decide your monthly payment and improve your credit in the process.

Debt consolidation is the process of merging outstanding debts such as multiple credit card balances or personal loans into one single loan. This allows you to determine when you want to pay off the loan with one fixed monthly payment rather than confusing multiple payments at different rates. One slip and a forgotten payment can end up costing your wallet and credit score. Consolidating debt to a single, automated, monthly payment simplifies your borrowing process and allows you to focus on what matters.

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We ask for some basic info so we can match you with the best lenders that will give you the highest chance of approval. Our online filters includes the basics like what you think your credit score is and how much you want to borrow. We’ve made it fast, easy and secure.


Within seconds, we’ll show you the best lenders that match your needs and your credit situation. To finalize your loan, choose the lender you want to proceed with.


Finalize your loan details and once approved – smile.


How can I get a loan for my dream wedding? Is applying for a “wedding loan” a possibility?

Planning your wedding? Dreaming of the perfect honeymoon or vacation? We got your back.

There’s much to plan for and it can be very stressful. Some people have visualized this event from the day they were born. The wedding dress, flowers, cars, venue and catering can be extremely costly. We can provide a wedding loan that is tailored for you and doesn’t compromise your long-term financial health.

How can I have the honeymoon I’ve always wanted? Is applying for a “honeymoon loan” a possibility?

When you have the perfect wedding, you want to ensure you’re able to afford the perfect honeymoon to go with it. You don’t have to spend more than you need to and we can definitely help you get a reasonable rate and personal loan that will get you laying on that beach you’ve envisioned with your loved one. Banks are no longer the only ones lending money, and our online lending platform offers unique low rates that traditional lenders can’t compete with.

How can I fulfill my desire to travel the world? Is applying for a “travel loan” a possibility?

When you leave university or college, many grads dream of seeing the world before making a professional work commitment. You might also be thinking of taking a sabbatical to re-charge after several years working. Do you want to travel short-term, or do you have a passion to travel for as long as you possibly can? It’s all possible with LendingArch, as we have personal loans that work for everyone, no matter what that experience or major purchase might be.

Why Fund Your Major Purchase With a Personal Loan?

New technology is helping consumers benefit across many different areas of life. From binge watching on Netflix, to booking a room with AirBnB, new platforms and technology are enhancing our daily lives. One of the biggest changes we are seeing is in the finance industry. LendingArch is helping people think outside the bank by providing affordable loan options to responsible Canadians.

Online loans are ideal alternatives to bank loans. Apply in minutes and see your funds within 24 hours. No lines. No paperwork. No headaches. We’re a modern finance company and we see you as more than your credit score.

Less to manage. Less stress. Debt relief.

In a lot of cases, you can also reduce your interest rates, especially in the case of holding high-interest credit cards. You could spend decades trying to pay these back with minimum monthly payments. Debt consolidation saves you time, money and hassle.

Plan your future with a fixed-rate personal loan

WE’RE HELPING CANADIANS BUILD A FINANCIAL ROAD MAP From education, to investment and retirement, our personal loans can help the future seem that much brighter

Personal Loan Calculator

Did you know that Banks are not the only ones lending?

The world’s financial landscape has evolved greatly over the last few years. So many smart Canadians like us have been affected by losing savings, investments and liquid assets we always believed would be there to help us in the future. Like you, we have been completely exhausted by the formulaic financial eco-system over the last 10 years.

  • Have you lost trust in traditional banks?
  • Are you afraid of making plans because you are worried about what the financial future holds?
  • Unsure of what types of personal loans are available to you?
  • Did you know that banks are not the only ones lending?

We see you as more than a credit score

Our Co Founder Arti, devised a lending platform for a genesis of new thinking consumers like you. We put your needs first. We see you as more than a credit score. We look at your life and work experiences during the application process. Our personal loan options and fair rates allow responsible Canadians like you to tailor their financial health the way they want, not the way the bank wants.

Planning your future can be daunting and we are here to help. Now is the best time to start. You don’t have to put your future on hold. LendingArch has loan options available for you.

  • Do you dream of going back to school?
  • Do you wish you could continue your education beyond college?
  • Do you dream of having a stress free retirement?
  • Do you wish you had funds to invest in what you are passionate about?
  • Do you want to send your children to college and help them secure a brighter future?

Online Loan Benefits

  • Fixed interest rates
  • One single monthly payment
  • Funds straight to your bank account
  • No pre-payment or late fees
  • Circle the date
  • Be debt free

A financial smile goes a long way. It’s time to think outside the bank. Ignite your future with LendingArch and see your financial health flourish.