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Do you consider yourself somewhat of a wordsmith? Have you got a story to tell and you’re just looking for the right audience to share it with? Do you have insight and knowledge when it comes to such trending topics as loans, lending, mortgages, financing, car loans, credit cards, savings and investments, and borrowing? Are you currently working as a writer and you’re trying to grow your brand and get your name out there?

Whether it’s a positive or negative experience or information that you want to share with others, blogging can be an excellent way for you to connect with others, share valuable information, and, of course, it can further your career as a writer.

Here at LendingArch we are always looking for a way to educate our clients and visitors to our site, and what better way than with informative and engaging blogs from writers such as yourself? That is exactly why we invite you to come write for us, as we can provide you with the ideal platform for your copy.

Please submit all inquiries to hello@lendingarch.ca

What Is It That We Are Looking for In a Blog?

Curious to know our blog-writing expectations? Well, we are looking for unique, high-quality copy that is free of errors. We also want content that is informative and relevant to our readers.

At the same time, we aren’t looking for promotional copy or marketing content; these are blogs and should read as such. We want to give visitors a reason to check out our site in the first place, ask questions, find information, and learn about the products and services we offer in a non-promotional manner.

As for the process we use, typically we ask that you begin by submitting a draft to us. This will give us an idea of the direction you want to take with your content. Draft submissions help us to identify if you’re a good fit, and it gives us the opportunity to share tips and advice on what direction to take.

It’s also important to state that we are looking for unique and original copy only, meaning we don’t want anything that has been printed before, either online or in print. It’s all about fresh content on our site.

Once we see your draft, and give you the okay, you can go ahead and write a full piece for us.

What Kinds of Topics Do We Typically Cover?

We invite you to start by exploring our site to get ideas for potential topics. Our job at LendingArch is to provide Canadians with a way to check out the best rates in the country when it comes to personal loans, insurance, credit cards, car loans, and business loans. This means that any topic that relates to these areas will be of interest to our readers. Of course, it will need to have a Canadian angle since that is the market we serve.

Articles that tend to resonate with our readers include tips, advice-based content, how-to guides, and plenty of information for those who are new to the borrowing scene. Blogs such as “Top Seven Tips for New Home Buyers”, “What to Expect with Your First Car Loan”, “How to Pay Off Your Credit Cards Faster”, and “Is a Business Line of Credit Right for Me?” are excellent examples of informative pieces that readers want to click on.

Please submit all inquiries to hello@lendingarch.ca

Adhering to Our Guidelines

We also have some specifications that we expect all our writers to follow. We can certainly provide the guidelines to you, but, in general, we accept articles from 500-2000 words, which can be discussed after submitting your first draft, and they need to use a conversational and informal tone. We don’t want our articles to come across as intimidating or confusing to those who don’t consider themselves financial experts.

There Will Be an Editing Process

After submitting that original first draft—and getting feedback from us along with the go-ahead—you’ll then receive a timeline that we expect you to follow. You will be assigned an editor who will work with you to ensure that the copy meets all our standards and guidelines. We want to make sure that the writing process is as smooth and easy as possible.

From time to time, you may find our editor sends back your blog so revisions can be made. We ask that you do so in a timely manner. The faster we can get your story wrapped up, the faster we’ll be able to publish it on the site.

What’s in It for You?

Of course, you may be asking what’s in it for you? By writing for us, you’ll have an opportunity to get your name out there, start creating a niche for yourself and build your network of contacts. We are a large site that sees plenty of traffic each and every month. It’s the perfect opportunity to get your content noticed. We always make sure to give you credit with your by-line and allow you to have your name appear as the blogger, rather than acting as a ghostwriter.

We will also provide you with the opportunity to backlink back to your own site. This can help generate more traffic on your site and further your own branding.

How Long Until Your Article Gets Published?

Finally, you may be curious as to when your article will be published. Unfortunately, we aren’t often able to give you an exact date, but, as stated above, the faster you work through the copy and the revisions with our editor, the faster we can get the content online.

Go Ahead and Contact Us Today

So, all that’s left for you to do is contact us here at LendingArch and pitch us your idea or draft, and we’ll be in touch if it’s something we think we could post on our site.

Please submit all inquiries to hello@lendingarch.ca

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