Alternative Financing for Canadian Car Dealers

For many Canadians, their vehicle is a vital part of their daily lives. Many drivers feel an important, even intimate, relationship with their cars, trucks, SUVs, or other vehicles. The freedom of auto ownership can make a world of difference in the quality of our lives. That’s why Canadian auto dealers do much more than just put clients behind the wheel. They help drivers create possibilities. It’s a relationship of trust—helping buyers find the best vehicle for their needs and their budget. However, potential buyers don’t always boast sparkling credit histories. This can limit their options when it comes to vehicle financing. Traditional lenders and banks often look only at credit scores, not at a client’s entire financial picture as a whole.

Fortunately, subprime borrowers and those with bad credit have options. More and more vehicle buyers are turning to online alternative providers as a sensible financing route when the usual options don’t come through. At LendingArch, we see buyers as people, not just a credit score. We specialize in helping subprime borrowers find alternative funding sources to purchase new or used vehicles. With a simple, hassle-free online process, we connect clients, including those with bad credit or no credit, to reputable lenders who share our philosophy of empowering Canadians to make sensible purchasing decisions.

Alternative Dealership Financing Options Are Available Across Canada From Toronto To Vancouver
Alternative Dealership Financing Options Are Available Across Canada From Toronto To Vancouver

A better loan approval process means auto dealers don’t have to turn down eager buyers; a less-than-stellar credit rating is not an impossible obstacle. With more consumers finding practical solutions for vehicle financing, that in turn translates to increased sales for dealers. And—most importantly—that means more satisfied customers.

Working with LendingArch opens up a new world of prospects. Our customized lender database lets buyers explore a full range of options based on real factors, then directly connect to a network of trusted auto dealers and lenders ready to work with them. Our approach of connecting buyers to dealers is simple, fair, and quick—focused on getting drivers excited about hitting the road today.

Giving Drivers the Green Light: Vehicle Financing and Bad Credit Loans

The traditional vehicle financing model can often be a process of headaches and disappointment. Many banks and lenders begin their review of applicants with a credit history check, then proceed to make their decisions purely on that limited information. As a result, drivers might begin their shopping experience with high hopes of an exhilarating new ride, only to be turned down by lenders strictly based on a bad credit score. Or, if they are approved for financing, it’s only at astronomical interest rates with unfair or confusing terms.

For auto dealers, this process is bad for business. Rejected applications and rising frustration can prevent buyers from even stepping on the lot. When the usual methods of vehicle financing through traditional financial institutions don’t come through, subprime borrowers or other prospective buyers might abandon their plans of vehicle purchasing altogether. That equates to missed opportunities for building client relationships and, crucially, lost potential sales.

LendingArch understands that disappointment and recognizes the effect it can have on dealers’ sales goals. When it comes to car loans, we believe in saying yes to drivers.

That’s why we’re shaking up the traditional auto lending model. Our mission is to empower all buyers with the support they need to make vehicle purchases with confidence, knowing they’re receiving the best and fairest financing.

Alternative Car Dealer Loans
Alternative Dealership Auto Loan Options

Start Your Engines: Alternative Financing Made Easy

When it comes to vehicle financing, we’ve tossed out the old roadmap. Our streamlined application process uses only the financial information that really matters, enabling buyers to work within their budgets without abandoning their dreams.

Using our quick, step-by-step online application, buyers provide just the basic information on their budget, employment, and requirements in a vehicle. Based on a few simple questions, we provide customized financing suggestions almost instantly. If buyers already have existing vehicles for trade-in, or if they have any budgetary limits relevant to their payment plan, these are factored in. Our matching engine then presents buyers with a tailored list of viable financing opportunities in their local area. No invasive credit check required!

Once buyers find dealers with plans they like, LendingArch’s friendly team offers support with the information required to move the purchase forward. We assist our clients in making smarter choices about vehicle shopping with a variety of handy online tools, including simple informational guides to personal finance, the various loans available, and auto lenders. This helps separate the plethora of online scams and predatory loans from reliable legitimate lenders, giving buyers peace of mind to shop for a new ride without reservations.

While LendingArch itself isn’t a lender, we provide an in-depth comparison of existing lending options, connecting clients to the best and most up-to-date offers currently on the market. These are lenders who, like us, look beyond the credit score to a deeper understanding of buyers’ needs, recognizing the forces shaping their customers’ vehicle purchasing decisions.

We believe informed buyers make better clients for both lenders and dealers. That’s why we’re dedicated to demystifying and streamlining the borrowing process.

LendingArch Makes Alternative Financing Easy
LendingArch Makes Alternative Financing Easy

Hit the Road: Connecting Drivers and Increasing Sales for Auto Lenders

LendingArch has completely reimagined auto financing. We’re changing the existing lending model with a fresh and unique approach to alternative financing.

The financing partners we work with are trustworthy lenders who share our belief in helping consumers thrive, even those saddled with bad credit. Our clients, including subprime borrowers, are enthusiastic consumers looking for top-quality vehicles at sensible terms. We’re giving these buyers better options by offering a simpler, fairer application process without strings attached. Confident consumers make bolder buying choices, and that results in more potential sales for auto dealers.

At LendingArch, we believe every driver should find a promising future with the vehicle they want. By rethinking vehicle financing, we’re staking out a bold new path for all buyers, lenders, and auto dealers. LendingArch can help Canadians pre-approved for a car loan from the comfort of their home.  Whether they live in West Vancouver BC or Mississauga Ontario we can help get them into the car they want.

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