10 Best-Selling Vehicles In Canada In 2019

It’s surprising how many vehicle brands and types you’ll find out there for sale! And, if you’re in the market to purchase a new vehicle, it can be downright overwhelming. After all, how are you supposed to narrow down your vehicle search with so many different choices out there?

2019 has been a great year for car sales, and we’re going to let you know the top 10 best-selling vehicles in Canada, according to driving.ca, so far this year.

No matter if you are looking for a car, a truck, or a crossover-type vehicle, you’ll find it on this list. These top-selling vehicles are all fantastic choices, and all are worth considering.

#10 Dodge Grand Caravan

Dodge Canada describes the Dodge Grand Caravan as a van that can “travel with ease and comfort, and you can enjoy it with all the space you need”. The handy STOW’N GO® seating means you have many available seating options for you and your family!

As Canada’s most awarded minivan, comfort and ease are abundant with this luxury family mover. Dodge certainly comes through with their comfortable, easily adjustable seating, the convenient dashboard system, as well as added safety, security, and technology features.


#9 Nissan Rogue

This popular SUV crossover was 2018’s winner of the IIHS Top Safety Pick Award. The Nissan Rogue also has the approval of Today’s Parent™ editors and family testers.

Nissan is all about confidence and safety. With an easy tap of a button, you can activate the ProPILOT Assist™ system. That, along with Nissan’s incredible full suite of safety technologies, you can be assured your family is safe cruising around in this vehicle.

Get A Car Loan For A Toyota Corolla In Canada
Get A Car Loan For A Toyota Corolla In Canada

#8 Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla has long been an extremely popular, top-selling vehicle in Canada. This year brings the introduction of the first ever Corolla Hybrid! This, along with the fact that the already popular hatchback and sedan versions have amazing new updates being introduced this year, means this vehicle is bound to continue to lead the pack.

Toyota always builds their cars with both convenience and comfort in mind and focuses on giving drivers and passengers the best driving experience possible. Toyota Connected Services, Blind Spot Monitoring, and other features are standard services to improve safety.


#7 Chevrolet Silverado

With eight different distinct Chevrolet Silverado trims, each offering unique capabilities to choose from, this full-sized pickup is rapidly gaining speed over its truck competition.

Chevrolet has a very long track record with trucks, especially the always popular Silverado. And, Chevrolet is boasting this year’s model of the Silverado as being the strongest and most advanced Silverado ever. With advanced trailering technology, six advanced powertrains, and up to 420 horsepower, the Silverado is among the best out there for hauling.

Get A Truck Loan For A GMC Sierra In Canada
Get A Truck Loan For A GMC Sierra In Canada

#6 GMC Sierra

The GMC Sierra is another full-sized pickup truck that deserves some major consideration. After all, GMC offers the Industry-First GMC MultiPro™ Tailgate as well as the ProGrade™ Trailering System to make hauling easier than it ever has been. With comfortable seating for up to six and the Premium GMC Infotainment System, the GMC Sierra is a great truck for all your hauling jobs and/or your family to use as their main vehicle.

Get A Loan In Canada For The Toyota Rav 4 SUV
Get A Loan In Canada For The Toyota Rav 4 SUV

#5 Toyota RAV4

Even though vehicle sales have been down across the board for the past several years. Toyota’s next offering on this top 10 list is one of the few vehicles that has been seeing a rise in sales—and quite significantly.

2019’s Toyota RAV4 includes a hybrid as well as sporty models ideal for off-roading and all the other adventures your family wants to take.


#4 Honda CR-V

Crossovers are proving to be extremely popular in 2019, and here’s Honda’s offering. The Honda CR-V boasts the best-in-class fuel economy and a lot of other great features, such as nearly 90-degree rear door mobility. The available Honda LaneWatch™ blind spot display and the Real Time AWD™ with Intelligent Control System™ make this vehicle safe, fun, and comfortable to drive.

Get A Car Loan For The Honda Civic In Canada
Get A Car Loan For The Honda Civic In Canada

#3 Honda Civic

While other types of multipurpose vehicles seem to be taking precedence over the standard car throughout the past few years, the Honda Civic continues to hold strong as a best-selling vehicle.

Honda is all about the LED lights to improve visibility and safety while driving. And the Honda LaneWatch™ ups that visibility and safety, keeping you and your family safe while driving.

All the Civic models have extremely high performance and an incredible dashboard system. The available state-of-the-art 7” Display Audio System is a great piece of technology which connects you to everything you need, including the useful multi-angled rear-view camera. And, the 2019 Honda Civic brings a completely updated exterior styling and offers sports performance. Honda keeps up with what customers want, and this vehicle proves it.

Get A Vehicle Loan For A Ram 1500 In Canada
Get A Vehicle Loan For A Ram 1500 In Canada

#2 Ram Pickup

As you can tell, the pickup truck is a popular vehicle. And the Ram Pickup was named 2019’s North American Truck of the Year™.

With a sharp looking interior, including a power dual-pane sunroof, comfortable configurable seating, real wood, and leather details, and the quietest Ram Cabin ever, this truck gives you a great ride and all the qualities of a pickup.

Get A Car Loan For A Ford F150 Truck In Canada
Get A Car Loan For A Ford F150 Truck In Canada

#1 Ford F-Series Truck

If sales continue as they have for the Ford F-Series, this will be the 11th year in a row this series has been the number one seller.

The 2019 versions sport the most advanced powertrain lineup ever. Other claims which can be made include best-in-class payload and best-in-class towing.

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